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Soulmate - A stirring thematic Dance Presentation


Holi, a Festival of Colors


Holi, a Festival of Colors

Indradhanush 2020

Indo American Cultural Connect

10 Years of Service to Classical Music and Dance

INDRADHANUSH 2020 Participant Information and Guidelines

Title: Folk Dances of the World

Theme: Joy of Life

WHEN: The program will be held in late March of Early April in the city of Phoenix (based on availability of the auditorium). Please watch for announcements from IACCONNECT.

DURATION: 2.5 hours


November 30, 2019: Submit application at IACCONNECT web site with a video clip in YouTube.

December 15, 2019: IACCONNECT to notify acceptance of application.

January  31, 2020: Final live auditions with IACCONNECT team.

February 14, 2020: Detailed write-up about the performance and the artists due to IACCONNECT.

February 14, 2020: Performance audio-visual requirements and music due to IACCONNECT.

IACConnect was formed to promote Indian Classical Music and Dance among the citizens of metro Phoenix area.  IACCONNECT Annual Indradhanush 2020 is a presentation of “Folk Dances of the World with the theme “Joy of Life”. Our goal is to present a medley of Folk Dances from various regions of India and rest of the world together on a stage.

Definition of folk Dance: a popular dance, considered as part of the tradition or custom of a particular people. A folk dance is developed by people that reflect the life of the people of a certain country or region.

Participants Guidelines Indradhanush 2020:


  1. Maximum time allowed for each performance will be about 10 minutes.
  2. Maximum 6 (six) performers per entry. We can consider additional participants, if justification is provided. This limit is due to constraint of green room space in auditoriums.
  3. All performances need to be of professional quality. Professionally trained dancers are preferred (no amateur performers please).
  4. All performances to be relevant to the theme and be true folk dance (including traditional costumes and music).
  5. No real weapons are to be used in the performance.


  1. Only one entry per region will be allowed in the program (e.g.: Punjab, Bulgaria etc).
  2. IACCONNECT will hold auditions and IACCONNECT Board decision will be final.
  3. Each entry will provide detailed write-up about the performance (maximum 1000 words) and the artists.
  4. Each entry will provide a video for the purpose of the audition.
  5. Entrants are responsible for obtaining appropriate copyright permissions related to the music etc. used and the performances. Performers will be allowed free entry in the auditorium.
  6. Participants shall provide consents to IACCONNECT to take pictures/ make videos of the program for use in IACCONNECT’s promotional material including social media sites and printed material.

Project Costs

  1. Artist will pay-for and provide their own costumes, props and other production costs, such as rehearsal and incidental expenses (no re-imbursement from IACCONNECT). There will be no honorarium paid for each entry.
  2. IACCONNECT will pay for auditorium and related expenses, along with other cost of producing the show.
  3. There is no entry fee for teams to participate. IACCONNECT encourages each team is to purchase a minimum of 10 tickets in liu of entry fee (to help develop audience for the program).
  4. Three cash prizes: one $500 and two $250 each will be awarded based on overall presentation and relevance to the theme. Decision to be made by a panel of judges appointed by IACCONNECT. Judges are honorary and get a complimentary entry to the show.

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